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We’re sincere to buyer and trying to make them satisfied all the time with high qualified machines and services,
which is we could somehow exchange our expertise in this field.

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  • HSC 14th Anniversary !

  • HSC

  • 2021.08.20

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      As we celebrate the 14th anniversary,
      we are grateful for the members who have worked hard for HSC,
      and for the customers who have always supportive to us. 


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  • Convention Ceremony at the Yangyoung Digital High School

  • HSC

  • 2021.06.24

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    • HSC attended a convention ceremony for the ‘Special class for employment’
      which is the major project of the Human Resources Training Project of Ministry of SMEs and Startups.

      For young people who will be the leaders of future technology, HSC will do its best together.


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  • Untact Online Seminar with our Maxican partner

  • HSC

  • 2021.06.23

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    • HSC provides online seminar training for the sustainable growth of partner companies despite difficult encounters due to COVID19.
      Let's overcome the corona together.



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  • Hae-suk Lee, Director of HSC, has appointed as a director of the 'Korea Marketing Association'

  • HSC

  • 2021.04.15

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    • She has been a great inspiration with a special interest and support for the development of the Korean industry,
      and contributed greatly for the "Korea with strong marketing" through her marketing activities,
      therefore we appoint her a director of the plenary session.

      Korea Marketing Association, a corporation aggregate.


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  • 2021 Selected of Small and Medium-sized Youth-Friendly Companies

  • HSC

  • 2021.01.11

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    • HSC was selected as a youth-friendly small business by the Ministry of Employment and Labor.

      As an excellent small and medium-sized company that grows with young people, we will strive to create a healthy culture.

      We raise the life quality of executives and employees through work-life-balance, which young people consider important.



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  • 2020 Merry Christmas Greeting Card

  • HSC

  • 2020.12.22

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  • 2020 Selection of Good Companies in Gyeonggi-do

  • HSC

  • 2020.12.22

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    • In 2020, HSC was selected as a Good Company in Gyeonggi-do Province.

      Hosted by Gyeonggi-do Province and the Gyeonggi-do Economic and Scientific Promotion Agency,
      Gyeonggi-do Good Companies shall be selected through an evaluation of companies that have contributed to the realization
      of social values through regional development, community service, and ethical managment.

      Based on ethical management, we will continue to grow into a company that is helpful for community service
      and community development as well as sustainable growth. We hope you watch HSC for meaningful development.

      Thank you and best regards,
      HSC CO., LTD.

      Certificate signboard, certificate of award


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  • 2020 Family Friendly Choice of Good Companies to Work for

  • HSC

  • 2020.12.22

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    • HSC was re-elected as a good company to work for in 2020 by the Gyeonggi Provincial Government and the Gyeonggi Institute of Economic Science and Promotion.
      Gyeonggi Family Friendly Workplaces is a business that finds and certifies excellent companies that have managed family-friendly systems such as childcare, health,
      and family support to combine work and family life with workers, and HSC has been recognized by 2023 through re-certification since 2017.
      In the future, we will do our best to create a healthy working environment where companies and employees can grow together
      by creating a healthy working environment that harmonizes work and family life.

      Thank you and best regards,
      HSC CO., LTD.

      Certificate plaque, signboard, certificate of award



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  • Happy New Year Greeting Card

  • HSC

  • 2019.12.30

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  • 2020 SME with Outstanding Employee Development Programs

  • HSC

  • 2019.12.27

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    • Certificate of 《SME with Outstanding Employee Development Programs》 is to certify that the above-mentioned companyisan SME(small and mediumenterprise) with outstanding employee development programs in accordance with Article 18-2 of the Special Act on Support for Human Resources of Small and Medium Enterprises.
      HSC will be named on 《SME with Outstanding Employee Development Programs》 on 1st 2020 to 2022 by Ministry of SMEs and Startups Republic of Korea.

      Thank you and best regards,
      HSC CO., LTD.

      Reference Image as below Ministry of SMEs

      Haesuk Lee, HSC CFO had been given the certification as representative of HSC at Presenatation Ceremony on 26th December